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Four Steps to Peace - the Journey

Carol Graves

September 2012 9780983084754



"I just don't know how to pray." This sentiment has been expressed by many. This Bible Study digs deep into the power of prayer. Teaching four steps, Praise, Repent, Acknowledge and Yield, PRAY, you will go on a journey that leads to peace. In six weeks you will learn how to prepare for the journey by learning what prayer is and what it is not. As you start the journey you will learn the power of praise. Clearing the way requires repentance and forgiveness. As you stop and smell the roses you acknowledge the blessings of life. You are then able to hand over the controls and yield your cares and concerns to God. You will reach the final destination with renewed trust, hope, rest, victory and peace. This study, filled with God's Word can be life transforming. 


Day Three

How do I pray?

What is prayer?  Prayer is a conversation with God.  When we pray it is more than talking to God, it is talking with God.  Through the privilege of prayer we can interact with the Creator of the Universe – think of it!  As shown throughout the Scriptures, these conversations with God are powerful.  We are just ordinary people praying extraordinary prayers that can impact the lives of many – for generations to come.

A prayer can be a long conversation with God or as short as one word.  It can be spoken out loud, whispered or communicated silently. It can be spoken privately, with a prayer partner or in a group setting. 

Prayers can be spoken at specific times or the conversation with God can continue endlessly throughout the day or night. Read 1 Thessalonians 5:17.  What simple instruction does this give us about how often we should pray? ______________________________