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Let's Pray Together - creating a Legacy of Prayer

Carol Graves

September 2014 9780983084761



What will be your legacy? The destiny of generations to come is shaped by the legacy they inherit. Designed as a gift book, this hardback prayer journal teaches four steps of prayer - Praise, Repent, Acknowledge, Yield. PRAY. To encourage adults to pray with their children, not just for their children, 70 attributes of God are introduced with the opportunity to record the praises, thanksgiving and concerns. A section to record how God answers prayer encourages a foundation of faith that becomes a legacy. As the book is filled it later can be given as a gift to remind the child of that foundation and the power of prayer.


What is prayer?

In the dictionary “prayer” is defined as “a humble and sincere request to God; an utterance to God in praise, thanksgiving, confession; any spiritual communion with God.”  To put it simply, prayer is talking with God. A prayer can be a long conversation with God or as short as one word. Help your child understand that prayer not just talking to God, it is a conversation with God.

All too often our prayers become only a list of requests.  How would you feel if your child never said, “I love you” or “I’m sorry” or “thank you?” How would your child feel if you never spoke those words - if the only communication either of you heard was a list of “I want” or “I need.” Teaching your child to pray using four simple steps will nourish your personal relationship as well as grow in your relationship with God.

The four steps can be remembered by the word “PRAY.”

Praise.  RepentAcknowledge.  Yield.