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My First Glimpse of God

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Carol Graves

October 2010 9780983084709



What does God look like?

Discover how this question is answered as this story unfolds about a little boy and girl who experience a life changing journey, led by a little angel.  Written in rhyme and illustrated with expressive stick figures in simple black and white design, children are encouraged to use their imagination. As they learn about God and see examples of His character, they discover ways they can catch a glimpse of God in everyday life. Discussion suggestions are included to enhance the experience of reading the story to your child.  Written by 2010 Christian Choice Books award winner, Carol Graves, and illustrated by Laura Closner, this faith building book will encourage both young and old to focus on God and experience His beauty.


My friend and I like to explore and find new things to see. Some things are big and some so small and some a mystery.

One thing that we could never find as we looked here and there. A glimpse of God is what we sought - a sight that we could share.

We looked here. We looked there. We looked and looked a lot. Just one glimpse would be enough, but see Him, we could not.

We looked all around, then as we looked up in the sky, much to our surprise a little angel came close by!

"What is it you are looking for? Tell me, what is on your mind?" "A glimpse of God is what we seek, but simply cannot find."