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The Boy Who Said
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The Boy Who Said "I Can't!"

Carol Graves

January 1970 9780983084747



Every time Danny faces a challenge he loses what little confidence he has. All too often he simply says, “I can’t!” When Danny joins the baseball team and makes a mistake, he is convinced that he is not good at anything. With the encouragement of his friend, his coach, his dad, and an unusual special message, In this chapter book for young readers, Danny learns the true meaning of courage and the importance of teamwork. With a message that applies to young and old alike, learn how Danny conquers his fears.  


Play Ball

 Baseball season was finally underway. Everyone was excited. The bleachers were filled with anxious parents, ready to see their boys play ball. Danny was proud to be a part of a team and felt good as he walked onto the field with his teammates in their new uniforms. Several of Danny’s friends had encouraged him to join their team, the Braves.

 Today the Braves would face the Dodgers, a team that did not have a very good record. The Braves felt confident that they had a good chance to win. True to form, the team had played well and the score was 6-3. The Braves were on their way to victory. Now in the bottom of the ninth, the coach called out to Danny, “You’re in!”

Danny looked up to the sky as he ran to his position. It was a bright sunny day. It was a perfect day for a baseball game. This was the first year for Danny to play baseball. He enjoyed playing with his friends and was learning more and more about the game. Now in his first game, he was on his way to play right field. Because he had little experience, he expected to spend most of this game on the bench, but the coach wanted all of the players to get some experience so Danny took to the field in the last inning.