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The Girl Who Wanted a Friend

Carol Graves

October 2011 9780983084730




Finding a friend becomes quite an adventure for Lilly.  As she tries all kinds of ways to impress the girls at her new school, things don’t always turn out as planned.  The search for new friends leads to life changing lessons that readers of this book can experience as well.  Will Lilly succeed in finding a friend?  In this chapter book for young readers, experience this journey with Lilly and perhaps you will find a new friend, too.



 It was one of those ordinary days when the family sat around the dinner table eating a delicious meal.  They were each telling about their day when Lilly’s father spoke those two little words that would change Lilly’s life and set her out on a new adventure.  As her dad looked at her mom, those two words came booming out of his mouth.  But before I tell you what those two words were, I must first introduce you to Lilly.

Lilly is full of enthusiasm and enjoys adventure.  She loves to take on a challenge.  Her favorite color is yellow which matches her sunny disposition. She has curly hair that bounces when she jumps and runs. Her very favorite thing to eat is ice cream.

Lilly has a very active imagination.  She loves to imagine new flavors of ice cream full of all the things she likes best.  Once she made up a flavor called Heavenly Dream Cream. She imagined vanilla ice cream with coconut, chocolate chips, cookie dough and cherries all mixed together.  Of course, she has never tasted such a flavor, but she imagines that it would be the best taste ever!

 Having a very active curiosity, Lilly loves to touch and explore all kinds of gadgets. Light switches and remote controls have always fascinated her because she likes to flip the switches and push the buttons.  There have been times in the past when Lilly’s curiosity has gotten her in trouble. There was one time when she became curious about door locks.  She was very young and did not really understand how they work.