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The Grumble Bug

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Carol Graves

March 2011 9780983084723



2011 Christian Choice Book Award

What does it mean to be “content”? 

Suzie and Bobby go through each day grumbling and complaining about everything.  As they wish that everyone would see things as they do, they meet a strange little creature, the Grumble Bug.  Will the Grumble Bug fulfill their wish?   Will the changes turn out to be what they wanted?  Is there a remedy for the bite of the Grumble Bug? Enjoy the adventures of the children and see the changes that happen as they learn the meaning of contentment.


Suzie and Bobby were sister and brother who always were playing together. One thing they shared was their attitude about most things from food to the weather.

Though Bobby and Suzie were typical kids, there was one thing that set them apart.  It seems they'd been bitten by the Grumble Bug and they grumbled each day from the start.

Now you may not know what a Grumble bug is, for they're very hard to detect. But their bite causes attitude problems and they find all they can to affect.

"But, what is an attitude?" you may ask. "Just what does that big word mean?" It's the way you act and feel and think, and sometimes can cause a bad scene.